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Fal Foods Worldwide is a subsidiary of FAL HOLDINGS Co. Ltd. a global holding company which embraces diversity and inspires innovation in its people and partners. FAL is an international and local conglomerate of 75 companies, spanning 17 countries in the Middle East, Australia , Americas and Europe, with a dedicated workforce of over 4500. Headquartered in New York City, but with operations spanning four continents, we draw inspiration from a wide variety of cultural landscapes and creativity. With over 40 years of experience and innovative developments, we are proud to present the world’s finest foods through its subsidiaries focuses on food, ice cream, coffee, and juice beverage manufacturing, restaurants, healthcare, technology, industrial, real estate, travel, and agriculture sectors. It’s global mission – “DEVELOP TOWARDS THE BEST” through varieties of investment to cover major sectors that help people improve their lifestyle in the global world community.

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